Tool Room Lathe Machine Definition

A lathe operates on the principle of a rotating workpiece and a fixed cutting tool. Lathe definition lathe is a machine which removes the metal from a piece of work to the required shape and size.

How To Use A Lathe

Lathe is one of the most important machine tools in the metal working industry.

Tool room lathe machine definition. The accuracy is still the same. The best working definition for me was that the lathe would hold very fine tolerances and was equipped with collets. A tool room lathe is generally a high precision lathe having a gearbox in the headstock offering a extended range of thread pitches and feeds.

It has a low spindle runout and precision guideway and leadscrews offering high stability low clearances and backlash. A tool room lathe is generally a smaller lathe normally 16 inch swing. Obviously my definition of a toolroom lathe isnt exactly the one adopted by industry but when i think of a toolroom lathe i think the variable speed and vibration free drive are the features that set them apart in my mind.

Normally has threading capability. I know south bend lathes have bigger dials on the tool room lathe. Toolroom lathe definition is an engine lathe designed for extremely accurate machining.

That does not mean a used tool room lathe is more accurate. Engine lathe is the name applied to a traditional late 19th century or 20th century lathe with automatic feed to the cutting tool as opposed to early lathes which were used with hand held tools or lathes with manual feed only. Lathe machine is also known as the motherfather of the entire tool family.

A engine lathe is set up for more metal removal capability. It bugs the heck out of me. Perhaps the definition has changed over time i am not very famaliar at all with machines from the 30s or earlier.

Today the lines have been blurred by the marketing hype. Thanks for the pictures. Set lathe tool offsets with the automatic tool presetter spindle speed variation stop chatter on your cnc lathe 4 steps to filling the coolant tank on your haas cnc machine.

There are a lot of differences between one manufacturers idea of a tool room lathe and the next. Generally a tool room lathe is set up with tooling for more precision work. As opposed to a larger production machine.

The cutting tool is feed into the workpiece which rotates about its own axis causing the workpiece to be formed to the desired shape.

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