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Escape room has a handful of enjoyably bonkers moments most of which involve nonsensical death traps. Escape room continues the trend of a high concept or franchise driven horror movies coming out on the first weekend of the new year.

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Escape room movie review.

Escape room movie review ign. Adam robitels escape room is a ride worth catching even if only for the catharsis of seeing some of the most obnoxious pseudo characters in horror befall aptly gruesome deaths. In that way watching escape room is kind of like being in one of the titular attractions if the one you chose was themed entirely around 00s locked room movies. Deborah ann woll and tyler.

At the escape room the friends are blindfolded led into an industrial warehouse somewhere on the citys outskirts and quickly separated. Another january horror movie. Escape room movie review.

Birthday boy tyler soon discovers that he is trapped inside a brick room that is a mess of old tvs computer monitors and newspapers. Escape room is a psychological thriller about six strangers who find themselves in circumstances beyond their control and must use their wits to find the clues or die. Escape room clears the not too high bar it sets for itself thanks to the lean script by maria melnik american gods and bragi schut season of the witch which wastes little time getting to the actual escape rooms after making the necessary character introductions and robitels steady direction.

30 stars click to give your ratingreviewbarring a couple of surprises in escape room whatever investment is made into the proceedings stu. But escape room is also anemic compared to the saw movies as you might imagine based on the films comparatively weak pg 13 rating.

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